Document Management Compliance Security Auditing

4. Compliance Security & Auditing

Control who can see documents, track usage and comply with regulations

You’ve captured your documents, indexed them and are now successfully retrieving and sharing them amongst your colleagues and customers. But what about security? How can you make sure only the correct recipient sees your documents?

Making use of user permissions, reporting and audit trails you can control, view and track your documents at all stages, including when they’re finally no longer needed.

Document Management Security and User Permissions

Security & User permissions

You control who can access, change and share documents

With quick and easy access to all your documents, the question of security is no doubt on your mind. Sensitive information such as personnel records, salary details and contracts, are just a few examples of data that only certain people or departments should be able to access.

Unlike a traditional filing room, where the most basic access control is with a key, a document management system allows you to grant access to individuals and departments. In fact permissions for access, editing and sharing can be allocated down to specific filing cabinets, draws, folders, documents and index fields. You have full control.

Document Management Reporting and Audit Files

Reporting & Audit Trails

View users’ and groups’ activity history

Information is one of your organisations most valuable assets and certainly one of the most regulated. As you move your paper and electronic documents to a more productive document management system, it’s important to understand any data associated risks by tracking how your documents are being accessed.

Document Management Systems have the ability to monitor, record and report on a user’s interaction with every document they access. This is a significant benefit for companies wanting to ensure compliance, or otherwise check who has accessed the company’s documentation.

Document Data Retention Compliance

Document & Data Retention Compliance

Easily comply with regulations and adhere to your retention policy

You are probably already aware of your organisations Document Retention Policy, which describes how employees are expected to treat data from creation through destruction. This is to comply with a myriad of complex laws, regulations and standards dictating the time different types of data must be stored (e.g. Sarbanes Oxley 2002 and Data Protection Act 1988 to name just two).

To help your business in meeting today’s document compliance regulations, document management systems can enforce your retention policy by allowing documents to be deleted or old versions to be automatically purged after a specific period of time.

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