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3. Retrieving, Managing & Sharing

Find and share your documents from anywhere to boost your productivity

You’ve captured and indexed your documents and safely and securely filed them. Now it’s time to retrieve them. Retrieving documents from a document management system literally takes seconds. How does this compare to how you currently retrieve documents?

  • Finding your documents takes seconds rather than minutes or hours
  • Related documents can be suggested, helping to speed up your tasks
  • Checking in, check out and track all document revisions and changes
  • Securely access your documents from your desktop, mobile or tablet
  • Securely share single files to complete cabinets with remote workers, customers or suppliers

Retrieving your documents

Document Management Search Meta Data

Searching for documents using metadata:

Finding your documents takes seconds rather than minutes or hours

Having already indexed your document using metadata, finding your documents is quick and simple. Because your metadata relates to attributes about your document, you can search using a single attribute or refine your search with multiple attributes. For example, search by company name and refine by document type and date created.

Search Document Management by Keyword

Searching for documents by keyword:

Helping you find the needle in the haystack

When your documents were indexed and filed, they were also made readable by Optical Character Recognition. Because your documents are now readable, this means that you can find the document you’re looking for by searching for keywords within the document, just like using Google. Your results are listed with a preview of the text within the document, helping you rapidly scan through and find the document you need for your task in hand.

Document Management Browsing Files

Browsing for documents by filing structure:

Sometimes, particularly for the most traditional user, there’s no substitute for browsing through folders. Just like manually flicking through paper files, this can be a good place to start if you cannot remember a keyword or index field, and is still far quicker than searching physical filing cabinets.

Managing and Sharing your Documents

Document Management Remote Access

Access via Desktop, Web and Mobile:

Lifting the barriers to your files to make you more productive

Whether you’re in the office, on the road, or with a client, you can view your documents from any device via a web browser. You don’t need to install any additional software, simply login and authenticate from your PC, smart phone or tablet to be able to search and view your entire document management system library. Of course, only authorised users with permission can gain access.

Document Management Related Documents

Related Documents:

Intelligently linking documents to save you time and effort

Lots of the documents you deal with each day are related to each other. A good example is purchase orders and invoices. These documents are highly related but are typically stored in separate filing cabinets, requiring some leg work to match them up.

With a document management system, you can link related documents, dramatically reducing the need for further searching. The system can even intelligently suggest a list of possible related document to choose from and link together. Easy.

Document Management Checking In Out Collaboration


Checking In, Checking Out and Version Management

While many of the documents you file will be concluded and only needed for viewing (e.g. invoices), other documents may be live and be being worked on by more than one authorised person. Collaboration features allow multiple users to view, modify and markup (e.g. annotate or redact) a document all at the same time.

To manage all the different version of the same document, version management tracks which person made a change and when they made it and allocates a revision number to their document. You have a bird’s eye view of all revisions and can go back at any time to reference a previous copy. Revisions can be compared, restored, and with some types of files, merged.

Document Management Sharing

Document Sharing:

Secure, productive and trackable

When others need to see a document, you’re often stuck between lending them the original and making multiple copies for distribution. One risks losing the document and the other is expensive, particularly when you take into account distribution costs and revisions.

With a document management system, you can effortlessly email a document link to as many people as you need to. This way you know everyone is viewing the correct document, revisions can be just as easily shared, and it’s all done quickly and cheaply.

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