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Automated Invoice Processing

Automated Invoice Processing

Save up to 50% of the time it takes to process invoices*

Automated Invoice Processing software can help you save time and money by speeding up the everyday task of invoice processing.

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Controlling Reducing Office Waste Printing

Controlling Paper Waste

Easy ways to reduce your paper wastage

However green you choose to be, you’re guaranteed to save your company money by reducing the amount of paper being wasted. We have many ways to help you reduce your printing and paper use.

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Document Scanning & Capture

Document Scanning & Capture

We have solutions for all your business scanning needs

Paper flows in, around and out of your business every day. But much of the information contained on paper could be sent or stored far more efficiently. Systems technology have a huge range of hardware and software solutions to help you do just this.

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Document Management System

Document Management & Storage

Streamline finding your documents

For most organisations, searching for documents is a time-sapping activity. Think about the number of times a day that you have to refer to paper invoices, statements, contracts, delivery notes and more. Although necessary, it is time-consuming. What’s more, your colleagues are doing the same thing too. How much time does that add up to?

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Document Workflow

Document Workflow

Smoothing document paths through your business, boosting efficiency

Did you know you use document workflows every day? If you have ever had to obtain approval for a proposal, expenses or some other important document from another person, then this is a document workflow. Put simply, if there is more than one person involved in the process then this step-by-step procedure is known as document workflow.

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Mobile Printing BOYD

Mobile Printing & BYOD

Securely enable your employees to use their own devices at work

Systems Technology has a wide range of solutions to enable your mobile employees and guests to print locally or from outside your network, from any device and securely.

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PDF Editing and Creation

PDF Editing & Creation

Ever wondered how to edit PDF files?

PDFs, they’re easy to read but difficult to edit, even if you want to do simple things like add or delete pages. But wouldn’t it be great if you could edit a PDF in Word, Excel or PowerPoint. Or combine multiple pages from different PDF documents? Or even black out sensitive information?

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Print Costs, Under Control

Print Management & Cost Saving

Isn’t it about time you were back in control of printing?

If you have any concerns about printing costs, security or sustainability, then Systems Technology’s range of Print Management software will help your organisation save money, become more secure and compliant, and reduce wastage.

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Trial Bundle Creation Software

Trial Bundle Preparation (Legal)

Creating trial bundles has never been easier

For many legal professionals, trial bundle creation is one of the most important yet inefficient everyday practices. Well prepared trial bundles can make a very favourable impression on the court and possibly give an advantage in negotiations.

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Ways to make your office greener

Ways to make your office greener

How we can help your businesses to print more sustainably

There’s no doubt that becoming less wasteful and reducing our energy use is a good thing. If you look around your office right now, can you see areas where you could be greener? Turning off the lights isn’t a practical solution, but there are many aspects of printing that can use fewer resources and conserve more energy.

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Under their expert eye we were not only able to implement the new hardware but also update working practises.

Gullands Solicitors

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We switched from our previous printer supplier to Systems Technology several years ago now and have never looked back.

Nick Chaplin, Managing Director. Hilbery Chaplin

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