Apple AirPrint Mobile Printing

Apple Airprint Mobile Printing

Instant printing from your iPad, iPhone and Mac

AirPrint enables Apple devices, such as iPhones and iPads, to print to AirPrint capable printers and multifunctional photocopiers. Finding available printers is instant, providing that the mobile device and printer are on the same Wi-Fi network.

After selecting the print options, such as number of pages and duplex, printing is simply a case of pressing print. For this reason, many people say AirPrint provides the best user experienced for mobile printing. However, there are some limitations for business printing which are answered by Apple AirPrint for Enterprise solutions.

Advantages of AirPrint

Advantages of AirPrint

  • Printing from iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Mac
  • Driverless printing requires no IT knowledge
  • Easy to find and connect to AirPrint enabled printers
  • Completely wireless, print from anywhere in the office
  • Easy printing from native apps including Mail, Photo and Safari

Limitations of AirPrint

Limitations of AirPrint

  • Limited print options: quantity, duplex and page range
  • Only Apple devices can use it, Android and other users need to find an alternative way to print
  • Only works on local WiFi: Users have to be (A) in the office and (B) on the same wireless network. Many IT departments keep printers on separate subnets, which would cause AirPrint to fail.
  • No Access Control: AirPrint access is either all or nothing, on or off. Therefore it’s impossible to control the use of colour printing or pages quotas.
  • Limited reporting: AirPrint reporting is limited to the printer’s standard reporting, which isn’t user friendly and can often struggle to identify who or which device printed the documents.

Many of these limitations can be overcome with Mobile Enterprise Printing and Apple AirPrint for Enterprise.

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