Dave Gregory

Dave Gregory - Technician

Dave is the backbone of our workshop, responsible for overseeing the build and configuration of our Managed Print Service fleet. Senior in every sense of the word, his age and experience overcome youth and enthusiasm…or so he says. With an encyclopaedic knowledge of all things print, we have to say we completely agree.

A learned man, he’s tuned into the world service all day long and is willing to educate and debate with those less enlightened. He’s a brilliant table tennis player and regularly competes in our staff room. When somebody has their own table tennis bat, you know they’re going to be good… 

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It is very refreshing for someone to fulfil and even exceed all the expected service standards you set yourself at our initial meeting.

The Royal Academy of Arts

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Professionalism, do an excellent job and we continue to use them as in our opinion they are the best.

Northfields Estate Agents

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