John Wilson

John Wilson - Stores and Logistics Manager

Finding a reliable and experienced stores and logistics manager is harder than you may think, a lot harder. So in 2015 we were truly delighted that John decided to make the leap from a 20-year career with a competitor to join Systems Technology.

When it comes to organisation, John makes it look effortless, but we know that’s not the case. As the saying goes, ‘A place for everything and everything in its place,’ and this is certainly his mantra. There are many cogs that make a service dept work, but John is the gear that has cranked things up.

John loves to travel, taking in new countries and their cities, and isn’t afraid to immerse himself in their unique cultures. He’s a keen golfer, and although not a pro, he does have his clubs specially made for him! John is a connoisseur of Glenmorangie scotch whiskey and is a devoted collector of the editions crafted over decades. Slainte Mhor!

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Systems Technology is the bench that all companies should strive towards with Services, Support, Rapid Deployment and Reporting.

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Under their expert eye we were not only able to implement the new hardware but also update working practises.

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