Managed Print Services

What is a Managed Print Service?

A true Managed Print Service is defined as:

“The assessment, optimisation and proactive management of the print environment, delivered by a provider under a contracted service level agreement.”

It’s helpful to understand that a Managed Print Service is not a one-size-fits-all service, your needs will almost certainly differ from another organisation. What is common amongst all organisations without a Managed Print Service is a need for support in one or more of five key areas relating to printing:

  • Print Cost Reduction
  • Increased Productivity
  • Tighter Security
  • Integration with Existing Systems
  • Sustainable Printing

At Systems Technology, our Managed Printer Service is a unique service of active management and the continual optimisation of your entire document output fleet. Our Managed Print Service genuinely manages your print environment to deliver in each of the five key areas by providing best-of-breed hardware, software and multivendor support and service.

If you’re a small to medium sized organisation we can help you benefit from enterprise-class solutions to become more agile, lower costs, print sustainably and improve efficiency and productivity, including facilitating print for the mobile workers.

As an independent Managed Print Services provider, our end-to-end solution doesn’t focus on replacing your equipment and then maintaining it. Our focus is on providing you with the optimal print technology, guidance and support.

Why is there a need for Managed Print Services?

Poor Equipment Purchasing and Administration

Poor Equipment Purchasing and Administration:

Very  few organisations run a printer fleet consisting of just one brand. Most have a broad range of equipment from different brands, often from different vendors, requiring different consumables and supplies with various maintenance contracts. This happens because printer fleets aren’t ordinarily planned; they develop over time because there is no apparent Print Policy. Printers purchased without a Print Policy often become outdated and inefficient. They are difficult to manage and track how they’re being used and how much they cost to own, maintain and run. This makes it impossible to optimise and control costs and creates a real problem for IT and administration.

Lack of control and print infrastructure expertise

Lack of control and print infrastructure expertise:

Even where organisations have a unified purchasing policy, print management is rarely a core skill and inadequate control of printer usage inevitably leads to spiralling costs. For example, unchecked and needless colour printing at costs typically ten times greater than mono printing creates large and unnecessary expense. Despite duplex options being available for double-sided printing, users ignore the option, wasting the opportunity to save up to 50% of paper. And prints sent in error or duplicated add to costs, increase waste and reduce productivity across the board.

Existing service provided by the lowest bidder

Existing service provided by the lowest bidder:

When deciding upon a traditional print supplier, it’s common amongst inexperienced buyers to make their choice purely on the lowest cost provider. This is perhaps understandable because at face value every printer or MFP and service promise may sound comparable. But for every 1 penny drop in service price, there is a consequence and effect on service provision, which in turn can affect business in a measurable way.

For example, for a company printing 5,000 colour pages a month, a drop of 1 penny may save them £50. However, if their printer fails and can’t be repaired quickly, this could cost them dearly in employee downtime, or at worst lost opportunities.

In contrast, experienced buyers, particularly those aware of true Managed Print Services, look not at the cost-per-copy but at the efficiency and measurable soft cost savings that can dramatically outweigh any hard cost saving. 

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