Managed Print Services Design and Presentation

Design & Presentation Stage

The creation of a unique, flexible MPS design that fits your business

Using the information and insight gained from the Discovery Stage, our account managers and professional services team set about designing your unique Managed Print Service to present to you, detailing a roadmap with ROI and present Vs future comparisons.

There is no one-size-fits-all Managed Print Service, but all successful solutions will incorporate the most appropriate print hardware, print management software and preventative maintenance with remote support.

Managed Print Service Policy

Print Policy Design and Print Management Software

The key to putting you back in control

Central to our Managed Print Service is the design of a Print Policy document prescribing the rules and guidelines in relation to printing, copying and scanning to achieve your objectives. Most policy documents are written with the greatest of intentions, but are often hard to enforce for any length of time. However, our Print Policy can be implemented and adhered to automatically using Print Management Software. For example:

  • Duplex Printing – all devices will automatically default to double-sided printing when printing & copying
  • Black & White Printing – all devices will be standard black & white default printing, with optional colour
  • Secure Access – all users will be required to access devices using their ID card or username/password.
  • Pull Printing / Follow – all devices using Prints will be “pulled” to print, which means they will not print unless a user requests them
  • Major Print Rule  – Documents over 250 pages are automatically routed to the Print Room
  • Minor Print Rule – Documents equal to 250 or with few pages automatically to MFDs
  • Personal Print Rule – Single pages or confidential documents automatically route to desktop printers

By defining clear policies and governance to determine device types, availability, capacity and access ensures that the right people can output to the right resource, at the right cost.

Mixed Device Managed Print Service

Mixed Brand or Standardised Printer Fleets?

Applying some common-sense to Managed Print Services design

For many organisations, moving to a standardised print environment with one brand of devices and a selection of handpicked models reduces complexity. This is usually found at Enterprise level where all existing equipment is removed to start with a clean slate. In reality, this isn’t an option for most SME businesses who, for example, can’t afford to throw money away by replacing half a dozen six month old printers and consumables.

At Systems Technology, we don’t operate a “rip-and-replace” strategy. We design to help leverage your existing investments by utilising your existing desktop printers in a mixed device fleet. By developing a roadmap, your ageing printers can be sweated over time and replaced with most cost efficient and unified models. Slowly standardising on printer technology eliminates the problems of needing to stock multiple brands of toner cartridges and supplies, simplifying management and enabling you to introduce new equipment at the most cost effective time.

Best of breed hardware made to measure

‘Best-of-breed’ Hardware

Made-to-measure award-winning products to match every scenario

When it comes to designing your proposed Managed Print Service we look across our entire range of award winning desktop printers, multifunctional prints systems, production printers, and wide format and specialist printers and choose which fit your requirements. We base this on:

  • The required print volume, both average and peak
  • Accessories needed e.g. duplex for double-sided printing
  • Number of people using the device within a defined area
  • Frequency of scanning vs copying
  • Office colour vs Production Colour
  • Finishing requirements e.g. booklet creation
  • Security, authentication and compliance demands

We realise that your reputation is at stake, which is why all of our products are chosen from a ‘best-of-breed’ world-class range of Tier 1 manufacturers that won’t let you down.

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