Unscheduled Service Calls

Unscheduled Calls

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No matter how hard we work to prevent problems, there will occasionally be unscheduled calls where we need to re-route an engineer from their Preventative Maintenance visits directly to the customer in need.

These are typically user generated problems like correction fluid on the glass causing copy quality issues, or requests for help with printer driver settings. Whatever the issue, our engineers can calmly attend and resolve it within industry leading average times of under two hours.

By performing regular Preventative Maintenance our unscheduled calls are few and far between. So if a customer needs help, we simply re-route an engineer to solve the problem and then resume the scheduled calls. Compare this with Reactive Maintenance companies who are ‘fire-fighting’ every day to respond to their back-log of calls.

* Our statistics have been independently verified by Canon UK. Period measured April 2013 to March 2014. We review our statistics every day and are happy to provide you with our latest figures. Contact us to arrange an introductory meeting.
Average Response Time

Average Response Time – 1 hour 58 minutes *

An unscheduled service call is rarely an emergency thanks to our Preventative Maintenance service. But whether you’re requesting help with an errant jammed paperclip or simply need assistance setting up a printer driver, on average our engineers will be by your side within 2 hours.

Unbeatable Fleet Uptime

Unbeatable Fleet Uptime – 98.76% *

We don’t want to blow our own trumpet…well we do actually. It’s only through our Preventative Maintenance service that we’re able to provide our customer base with an unbeatable uptime of 98.76%. Can your current supplier say the same? We’re tough on ourselves too because we measure this from the point an unscheduled call comes in to the time it takes an engineer to resolve the reported issue, not the time they respond.

First time fix rate

First time fix rate of – 98.2% *

There are certain things in life that you want to come back, like boomerangs, but photocopier engineers aren’t one of them. Our Preventative Maintenance service and carefully managed engineers’ parts stocks mean we can achieve our truly impressive 98.2% first time fix rate. We know, this is a different level of service.

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