Preventative Maintenance Service

Preventative Maintenance

Prevention is better than cure

When your multifunctional photocopiers break down, it can be very frustrating. It doesn’t just stop your employees from printing; it can stop them from copying, faxing and scanning, causing real problems for your business.

But have you ever stopped to think why your photocopiers are breaking down? Surely you’re paying someone to maintain them, so why do they keep failing?

Systems Technology designed Preventative Maintenance for companies dissatisfied with the normal Reactive Maintenance offered by the mainstream photocopier industry. It’s a pioneering and unique service that identifies and corrects any potential faults before they occur. How? By using monthly scheduled engineer visits to your machines to keep them in their optimum state. It’s a completely different approach to the traditional Reactive Maintenance where repairs are made after your multifunctional photocopier has failed. We think prevention is better than cure. Don’t you?

Preventative Maintenance

Our 16 Point Service

Jamming Prevention

1. Clean and check document feeder
2. Clean and check paper trays / duplex unit
3. Inspect finishing accessories
4. Check and replace fusing assembly

Print Quality

5. Check drum units and maintain associated parts
6. Inspect transfer belt and rollers
7. Check condition of developer and replace

Copy & Scan Quality

8. Check and clean optics e.g. glass and image sensors
9. Perform print quality calibrations

Maintenance & Support

10. Check and replace toners, replace & order
11. Check waste toner unit, replace & order
12. Take meter readings
13. Update firmware
14. Check remote diagnostics


15. Clean machine internally removing paper dust
16. Clean machine externally, all covers and panels


12 monthly visits

1. 12 Monthly Visits:

You should always get what you pay for

We’ve always thought that if you’re paying for a great service, then you should receive a great service. That’s why every month, your multifunctional photocopiers will be fully serviced by our own manufacturer trained engineers to maximise their uptime and extend their useful life. They will fully inspect, clean and replace any parts that are coming up to possible failure, enabling your machines to run at their optimum level – after all, that’s what you’re paying for.

Document Feeder Servicing

2. Document Feeder Servicing:

Paper jams are a thing of the past

We know that there’s nothing more frustrating than random paper jams, particularly when you’re scanning or producing a long copy job. That’s why we check and if needed fully service your document feeders at every visit, replacing feed rollers, gears, cleaning sensors and removing paper dust to keep you jam and frustration free. Stress free scanning and copying, that’s the key.

Meter Readings and Toner Orders

3. Meter Readings and Toner Orders:

Giving valuable time back to your staff

Your employees have got enough to do without having to manage your photocopiers. That’s why we take care of the mundane tasks of taking accurate meter readings and checking and replenishing your toners, giving valuable time back to your staff. Each road based engineer carriers spare toners, so if you’re running low we can re-stock you, or order more for quick free-of-charge delivery.

Machine Cleaning

4. Machine Cleaning:

Is that a new photocopier?

Our engineers love hearing this; it’s almost a badge of honour. The reason is they take as much care to make sure your machine looks good as it performs well. Your photocopier is a large piece of office furniture and if it looks untidy, so will your office. Our engineers will clean your machine from its document feeder to feet, remove paper dust from the trays and leave it sparkling – like new.

Engineer to Machine Ratios

5. Engineer to Machine Ratios:

True Preventative Maintenance needs numbers

It’s important to understand the relationship between the numbers of machines a company maintains and the number of engineers they employ. Suppliers who operate Responsive Maintenance typically have a ratio of one engineer to every two hundred and fifteen machines: 1:215. At Systems Technology, our ratio is 1:100, we couldn’t provide true Preventative Maintenance any other way.

Keeping your reputation

6. Your reputation won’t be tarnished:

Make the right decision for you, your staff and your business

Just like IBM’s famous phrase, “No one ever got fired for buying IBM,” our Preventative Maintenance service won’t tarnish your reputation. When you commit to a three, four or five year contract with a Reactive Maintenance company, you’re taking a chance on their service promises to be true. With our Preventative Maintenance, there’s no risk of criticism because your machines will always run at their optimum condition.

True Preventative Maintenance

7. What is true preventative maintenance?:

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery

It’s embarrassing to mention it, and perhaps we should be flattered, but we hear that other companies have begun to mention that they perform Preventative Maintenance too. The thing is, there’s a huge difference between saying and doing. Not all preventative maintenance is equal. While they may more accurately provide a courtesy visit, this doesn’t provide the same comprehensive class of maintenance that we work tirelessly to achieve. To check? Ask for terms.

Multifunctional Photocopier Firmware Updates

8. Firmware Updates:

Making sure you don’t miss out

Just like your smartphone, photocopiers have frequent software updates called firmware updates. These updates are issued to add new features, improve reliability or patch known problems. Unlike Reactive Maintenance companies, we check for and install the latest firmware updates for your multifunctional photocopiers at every visit, keeping your devices fully up to date.

Preventative Maintenance Colour Calibration

9. Colour Calibration:

Consistent results, every print

You’ve taken the time to perfect your document, so you deserve the perfect print. At each visit, your engineer re-calibrates your machines using industry standard test charts to provide precise colour accuracy and density to guarantee consistent print quality. Your presentations and documents will always have the same excellent results, keeping your company looking professional and presentable at all times.

Photocopier Preventative Maintenance - The People Factor

10. The People Factor:

Constantly delivering knowledge and value

When you sign up for preventative maintenance, you start receiving value straight away. Our engineers are on-hand every month to answer print related questions and guide your employees to being more efficient and productive. They get to know you too, what you’re trying to achieve and how we can provide innovative solutions to help solve your challenges. The vast majority of our engineers are long standing and all are manufacturer trained and CRB checked.

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One less headache – I know that everything gets taken care of before I even have to think about it.

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We switched from our previous printer supplier to Systems Technology several years ago now and have never looked back.

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