Choosing single function printers

Single Function Printers

Putting intelligent thought into printer purchasing

These days you can pick up printers everywhere, from online and even from your local supermarket. As an experienced buyer, you probably understand the difference between technical aspects such as PCL and PostScript printing and may know how to deploy networking printing to your users. So why do you need our help?

As an accredited Managed Print Service provider, we help businesses like yours to deploy single function printers, intelligently in a mixed device fleet. For example, desktop printers are expensive to run and should, therefore, be used sparingly. They are best used to provide printing capability in locations between larger and more capable multifunctional printers using Print Management software, or as part of a Managed Print Service.


Desktop Printers

Personal Printers:

When purchasing a personal printer you exchange cost savings for convenience. Typically five to ten times the cost to run compared to a compact multi-functional printer, they can provide convenient printing for cheques and other sensitive documents.

Floor standing printers

Workgroup Printers:

Workgroup printers are ideal for use in areas where there isn’t room for a multi-functional printer. Built for speed and capacity, they’re typically ready to handle the needs of 10 to 20 networked users with volumes running into the thousands per month.

Production Print

High Speed Printers:

High speed printers are designed for print rooms or transactional printing such as invoices and statements. Cost effective to run with fast processing speeds and varied paper and finishing options, they are dedicated work horses for specific long runs tasks that wouldn’t be suitable for office MFDs.


Print Management and Cost Saving - Under Control

Print Management Software:

If you have any concerns about printing costs, security or sustainability then Systems Technology’s range of Print Management software will help your organisation save money, become more secure and compliant, and reduce wastage. Let us show you how.

Managed Print Services

Managed Print Service:

Are you ready to take control of your printer output and costs? As an independent Managed Print Services provider, Systems Technology puts you back in control of your organisation’s printing through our process of discovery, design, implementation, support and review. Let us show you how.

Preventative Maintenance Service

Preventative Maintenance:

Systems Technology designed Preventative Maintenance for companies dissatisfied with the normal Reactive Maintenance offered by the mainstream photocopier industry. It’s a pioneering and unique service that identifies and corrects any potential faults before they occur. How? By using monthly scheduled engineer visits to your machines to keep them in their optimum state. Let us show you how.

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