Hotel and Leisure Solutions

Hotel & Leisure Solutions

Deliver your customers a five-star service every time

Back-office efficiency is a key factor in fantastic front-of-house service. Systems Technology’s range of products and services have been uniquely customised for the hotel and leisure industry, enabling key brands to excel in delivering five-star customer service.

Automated Invoice Processing for Hotels and Leisure

Automated Invoice Processing for Hotels and Leisure

Businesses in the hotel and leisure industry order masses of products each month to supply and sustain their services to their customers.  However, the resulting volume of invoices can sometimes be overwhelming, resulting in poor cash management, missing early payment discounts, or at worst penalties for late payment.

Our Automated Invoice Processing for Hotel and Leisure takes the pain out of Accounts Payable processes. Paper and PDF invoices are extracted, verified and sent for authorisation, all within minutes. Easily integrated with your accounts package, the entire payment cycle completes in a fraction of the time. 

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Print Management Software for Hotel & Leisure

Print Management Software for Hotel and Leisure

Overspending on print is common in the hotel and leisure industry, but this need not be the case. For example, a lack of tracking leads to unhindered employee printing, which may not always be business related. Moreover, incorrectly charged colour usage from applications, such as Opera, often goes unchecked, and uncollected prints are wasted without any accountability.

Our Print Management and Cost Saving Software for Hotel and Leisure provides cost savings from day one. For example, enabling secure print queues reduces waste, with users releasing their prints at the device. Also, print jobs can be automatically routed to the most cost effective device, and reporting can identify users or departments with unusually high print volumes and costs.

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Multfunctional Devices for Hotel & Leisure

Multfunctional Devices for Hotel and Leisure

We know from experience that the paper hotels choose to print on, and the resulting quality, is incredibly important. When you consider every element of your brand, you do not want your printing to let you down.

Our Account Managers will test your paper before recommending the print devices that fit your needs. In fact, we have tested hundreds of media types, ranging from snakeskin effect to cardboard - and we have found a solution for most requirements.

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Mobile Printing for Hotel and Leisure

Mobile Printing for Hotel and Leisure

Thanks to smartphones and tablets, working on the go has become the norm. Guests in hotels and leisure venues need their printing needs met, and their expectation is to be able to print directly from their devices.

Whether you wish to charge or provide complimentary printing, Systems Technology's range of print devices and software solutions enable your guests to print securely from any PC or mobile device. All printing is controlled and tracked, with easy to understand reporting, ensuring printing is a cost effective and efficient service to your customers. 

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Preventative Maintenance for Hotel and Leisure

Preventative Maintenance for Hotel and Leisure

The reliability of printers and multifunctional photocopiers is particularly important in the back office of hotel and leisure organisations, where there is typically one device serving many users. Moreover, with restrictions on office space, backup devices are not always viable

Systems Technology's Preventive Maintenance service is unique in providing a scheduled service visit to every device, every month, to check, clean and ensure problem-free printing, copying, and scanning.

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